Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Morning, friends. I'm up a little early. The tea is strong and black and sweetened with Northwoods Apiaries raw honey, lightened with a little half and half. You would think I'd be writing about spring  about now, but here are some snapshots of what early May looks like in our woods this year: the seedlings still coming indoors for the night, the peach tree not yet in bloom, the front yard--well, maybe that's our problem, not spring's. (We are not lawn manicurists around here, as you all probably know well.)

Thank goodness for my children: their bright clothes and bright faces, adding some bounce to the air. They sing me songs at night until I fall asleep between and, no doubt, before them. They seem to have both adopted their mother's penchant for all things boots. They're frisky and sassy and fully alive. And their cheeks--have I talked enough about their cheeks? Holy do we have that going on around here.

On the reading front: Eudora Welty and Grace Paley. Cool, smart women, who we'd all do well to be a little more like. 

More on that soon. 

Wishing you bright blooms and much green in your own necks of the woods. 

It's got to be coming soon, soon, soon. (Right?!)