Monday, March 31, 2014


It's been a pretty great week around here. There's been a thaw--the sap is running and we spend our afternoons collecting buckets and communing amidst the purifying steam of the sugar house. 

There's been an internal thaw, too. Hang out around this lady enough and you begin to believe that you can manifest, via clear intentions, the things you want in life. My rootstock is firmly planted in the soil of pragmatic skeptics, but I'm (again, thanks to this lady) dipping my feet in that different kind of water. 

No matter the source, there's been a thaw. I spent my mornings last week editing someone's novel. My "office," thanks to a year of dreaming/scheming/inention-setting, was my grandparents' farmhouse up the road which our family has just re-occupied after six years of having (wonderful) tenants living there. 

Ty and I hired a babysitter this weekend because, for the first time, we could afford it. 

So. I'm off to work. In the house where my grandma's ghost reflects off every inch of woodwork. She was a badass woman, that grandma, who found a way to make money doing what she loved and was good at. 

Her last words to her three grand-daughters: just do it. Whatever it is: do it. 

Kind of like a Nike add, but very different. 

I'm grateful.