Thursday, February 20, 2014

true, white, blue, deep, blue, white winter

4:25 am.

It is winter here. True, white, blue, deep, blue, white winter.

Downy snowflakes all day yesterday.

I fell asleep last night with both my babes in bed with me and let them stay there--a rare treat. This morning the cat and moon woke me, at what I assumed was five, and I spent twenty minutes trying to untwine myself from my children's eight, soft limbs which kept flopping back over my chest accompanied by a whispered, "Mama."

They love fierce, these babes.

But I made it, out of bed, and downstairs, only to discover: it was 4.

Too early. Way too early. The day may be doomed. But what options are there?

Yesterday two strangers in the grocery store told me that I have remarkable children and must be a great mother.

It was that kind of day. I didn't describe, to those strangers, the other kinds of days we sometimes have. I just smiled at my children and said, Yes, you ARE remarkable!

We're all trying our best.

There are moments that shine.

Oh, mon chéris.

We did go looking for "California shoes" at the thrift store and came home, instead, with new shades and a beautiful blue typewriter, which I'd seen in a dream the week before.

That kind of day. One that shines.

Well, the rooster is up, which means it must be five. I'm going to make myself a second cup of tea and read my book by the fire.

Ta ta, loves.