Tuesday, February 18, 2014

those trees

Morning. It's been lovely here--payback for our month of sickness. I've even had time in the woods, by myself, on skis, on a trail already broken.

This is my field. These are my woods. When I write about the deciduous/coniferous woods I live in, this is what I speak of: this many-armed mix of hemlock, spruce, balsam, pine, beech, birch and soft maple best seen by skis in winter.

It's school vacation, which means I won't get out there for another four days. I will be deep in tea parties, play dates, spilled milk, backhoe viewings, baking adventures, squabble negotiations, etc. etc. etc.

But those woods are there. Those trees are there. Those tracks are there.

You know?

Happy sunlit February to you all.