Friday, February 7, 2014

the bright things

Morning friends. Ty is outside with Owen Cricket for a few moments before he leaves for work which means me, here, tea. There's been a lot of posting lately, yes. I'm utterly obsessed with my new phone/toy. Such things are privileges, I'm well aware. (And in the name of transparency: I got the old phone and the bare-bones non-roaming plan for $30/month.)

I'm not thinking about much on this cold, sunny morning (the tea has not completely kicked in) but I will say this:

1. We need each other in winter. We should be doing all we can to have regular, meaningful get togethers with people who make us feel engaged and inspired and people who make us laugh.

2. It's okay (I think) to indulge a little bit. On chocolate or self-indulgent photos or whatever else rocks your boat. Because our boats need rocked in the winter. I've been buying myself chocolate bars on a regular basis and they are utterly delicious and make me happy.

So there you have it. May you all find your brightness where it be, friends, and stay warm, too.