Tuesday, February 11, 2014

dishes, patterns

Yesterday, while unpacking family china with my aunt Megan (variant of Margaret) and my daughter Avah Margaret, I realized the following:

My grandmother, Margaret, was thirty when she had her fifth child and only girl, Megan.
I was thirty when I had my first child and only girl, Avah Margaret.
Margaret was born in the spring. Megan was born in the fall.
I was born in the spring. Avah was born in the fall.
Margaret's birthday is ten days after mine.
Megan's birthday is seven days after Avah's.
I.e. our daughters are nearly the exact same number of days younger than us.
Are you following me?

Also, this: my grandmother was a frustrated, hard working housewife until 1962 when (by chance) a recording of songs she made on a reel to reel on her kitchen table was put out by Folkways Records. Megan was three at the time.

In 2002 we made an album of songs my grandmother had collected. Avah was three at the time.

After her first paying gig (shortly after the release of Folksongs of Vermont) my grandmother went out and bought herself a dishwasher. (They had rigged up gravity fed well water by then.)

We got a dishwasher a year and a half ago, and it has made all the difference.

Are you following me?

The first photo is of Avah and Megan unpacking said china.
The one below is of me and Margaret, 1980.

Good morning, ya'll. May your tea be strong.