Sunday, February 2, 2014


6 am, tea, tights, sleeping house, waiting for the stove to light. i have a new toy, the kind that enables faux retro photos like this one, so be prepared for some indulgent playing around.

it's been a silly winter. i was sick for three weeks, then i fractured or sprained a rib coughing, and now i hobble around the house trying my damndest not to laugh or to cough. the good news is: yesterday was thirty degrees, which felt downright balmy. for the first day in a month and a half my toes didn't hurt from the cold. we went tracking in the woods below our house, following a squirrel's jubilant circles until we came to its den.

such things are goldmines, you know?

my children these days are cherubic-faced darlings. we have plane tickets to california. my house, when seen from the woods, is some fantasy castle from my childhood dreams. i'll snap you a photo sometime.

Till then much love, friends.