Wednesday, December 4, 2013

god yes, the forsythia

Last night I dreamed C.D. Wright was on her way to my place for a visit.  In my past (real) life I used to follow her around the streets of Providence (where she taught and I studied), too shy and terrified to attend one of her classes. Of course, upon waking, I discovered I was still in my little house, among trees and my children, and no poets were coming for tea. 

So this evening I'm spending time with Steal Away.

Rebecca Solnit wrote: "Books are solitudes in which we meet." 


Here's a little C.D. from Further Adventures with You, the first book of hers I bought at the ripe age of eighteen. (Shared here for my handsome husband.)


Evening Shade

I am over here, by the tomato cages
gently touching the wire, 
watching one lightning bug light another
freshly fucked and childless
an astonished woman in a wedding gown
who can see in the dark, almost.

Lush Life

I could have gone to Stringtown
O I could have wasted away
moaning in the swamped bed
among winged roaches and twisted figs
between the fern and dark thighs.

Hotel Philharmonic

We have arrived drunk, jobless,
brilliant with love.
Music commences:
You hold out your glass
I lift my dress. My hands
saved like candles for a storm
in yours. We fall
through the night's caesura. 

Lost Roads

As though following a series of clues, we drove
through this ragged range, a town of magnetic springs
our arms in the window, browning. 
The sun was torching the hair of maples. 
You didn't sing in key, you sang
"Famous Blue Raincoat."
I had a dream, Life isn't real. 
Already the sad rapture ending. 

Mountain Herald

This time, the Celebrant vowed, no one would intinct, 
blowing the unsteady flames of our face. 
We rose and married well, my nose
in your tender swarthiness. I'll never forget
the whirling floor, the bassman's royal head. 
As for the uninvited they were asked in. 
Melon, not cake, was served;
there was japonica and spirea. Still
they were a little late for the forsythia. 
God yes, the forsythia, the forsythia.