Monday, November 18, 2013


Delighted to say that both Avah and I will be reading this Friday at Marlboro College. We'll be joining Marlboro College writing professor Khyl Lyndgaard and Whole Terrain Editor Michael Metivier for a celebration of Whole Terrain's Heresy Issue. (Of which we were honored to be a part.)

My people go back a long way at Marlboro. My great-grandparents, John and Olive, were founders of the science program. My grandfather has taught there for close to seventy-five years (or maybe he's surpassed that?)

The little, white, window-filled building we'll be reading in is (and has forever been) called Appletree, which makes me happy for all kinds of reasons.

Avah, the poet, will no-doubt wear something amazing.

If you're near, come join us!