Saturday, November 30, 2013


Joan Mitchell, Les Bluets, 1973

Today's Menu: Still Bluets, by Maggie Nelson

Which led me to Joan Mitchell's Les Bluets from 1973, one of Nelson's all-time favorite paintings.

And this:

153. I've read that children pretty much prefer red hands-down over all other colors; the shift into liking cooler tones--such as blue--happens as they grow older. Nowadays half the adults in the Western World say that blue is their favorite color. 

Me? I am not so much a fan of indigo blue. I prefer teal, amber, burgundy, umber, gray. Even the pink of this Rothko. 

Joan Mitchell's painting does nothing for me. These Rothko's heart jump a little. They feel inexplicably true. Like a place I long to return to. 

Which is just material to ponder on this sunny morning near the wood stove. 

Friends are coming for lunch today. 

The chili is hot, the flavors melding. 

Owen Cricket is asleep in the big bed upstairs.

Happy Hanukkah and late November to you all. 


(PS: what colors are you?)