Monday, October 28, 2013

Morning. Where has woodbird been? Deep in the heart of other woods. Good woods--the interesting, engaging, challenging, exciting woods of mothering, editing, scheming, house building, etc.--but other woods all the same.

I miss it here.  I miss woodbird. It is a genuine home for me, a place I miss when I'm away. It connects me to the moment and to the landscape and to this fast train of days in an authentic way. It has brought me connection and I've been told it has changed lives (in the way that little things and projections have the power to do).

So here I am, this morning, checking in. The leaves have mostly fallen since I took these photos last week. I'm working by the wood stove this morning, tea at side. I've now been a mother for five years and two days. I have not been bored once in those five years and two days.

My house keeps growing as my family does. The lilacs and spirea I planted outside my cabin when I was eighteen (strays dug up from my grandmother's yard) are now full sized.

The yard is, just now, alight with birds. I can't make out what they are because the window glass is both flooded with sun and covered in small fingerprints.

I will not get up and wash those windows.

I will get back to the work I am here to do.

Thank you for stopping in to say hello, dear ones near and far. In the darker times of year this visiting is so warming.