Wednesday, September 18, 2013

be here now

Happy Wednesday morning. Today I woke at 5:50, slipped downstairs and put water on for tea. Five minutes later I heard small footsteps heading for the bathroom, then tiptoeing down the stairs after me. I'm trying to be less invested in being a good writer and more invested in being a good mother. This is not easy for me. My daughter and I sat at the table as the sun rose and drank honey-sweetened, milky tea. We cut leaves out of pink and green and yellow sheets of paper and giggled quietly while our cohorts slept in under warm covers upstairs. She just hopped onto the bus and in five minutes T will leave for work and my day with O will begin. Be here now the mantra I sing. Let the rest go, woman. For now. There will be a nap at some point this morning. There will be a morning or two sometime next week. There are long years ahead. Be here now. Be here now. Okay? For the love of yourself and the ones you love, Be. Here. Now. 

And maybe listen to this, too: