Thursday, August 22, 2013

summertime daze

woodbird! it's morning--5:30 am--and i'm downstairs at the kitchen table like my old self again. kiddos sleeping. T sleeping. buzz of the fridge and a slow, humid air. we're in the summertime thick of it. last night, dinner at the pond with friends drinking box wine and effervescent cider while my girl climbs trees and my boy runs bare. there's a bushel of peaches from a neighbor sitting on the porch and blackberry stains on all our clothes. there are flowers, Little House on the Prairie books, a yard full of chickens and piles of laundry that are never done. there's fresh salsa and the yard turned into our living room. this is what we dream of nine months of the year. this is the it, the here and now promise that gets us through winter.  it's a go go world, thick with amber light and drinking. thick with small limbs running and too much storing up for the long season of too little.

so that's why i've been quiet. my introvert spirit ajar with summer. rest assured i'll be back in the fall.