Tuesday, July 23, 2013

late july

A year ago I posted some photos of my house addition...was it really a year ago? Yes, it was a year ago. In case you thought that addition had either disappeared completely OR miraculously finished itself here's an update for you: the siding is now done. Isn't it pretty?! Inside is still an uninsulated shell, but I've been promised that by winter we will have about twice as much living space as we now do. Which makes my heart very merry. (Though of course I'm reading Little House on the Prairie right now and thinking why on earth do we need all this space? One room would be just fine! And while we're at it, who needs balls to play with when you can just inflate a pig bladder?)

But come winter I have no doubt I will be grateful for this space. The garden shots? That's the weedy mess my garden becomes every year, this time exacerbated by the fact that my chickens have destroyed pretty much everything else green. (But there will be tomatoes. Oh yes, there will be tomatoes.)