Friday, May 31, 2013

Throw a Better Party

Today's Menu: Still on my goose-chase for hope, I've found myself settling into a fantastic conversation in The Sun between Leath Tonino and the environmental writer John Elder. Elder, referencing Gary Snyder's ideas about the "Main Flow," says: "There is comfort to be the fact that balance has to be restored eventually. It might not happen in our lifetime. It might be restored cataclysmically...But one way or another there is a flow toward balance, and if we align ourselves with it, we're assured to be in the winning side."

He also calls this an era of grief, and says: "Whenever we suffer a great loss, there is an opportunity to create something substantial and meaningful and beneficial, not only for ourselves but for's an invitation to change."

And how do we get there? In the elder Elder's words: "The environmental movement needs to stop saying, 'Step out of the SUV, and keep your hands where I can see them,' and instead say, 'Here, taste this tomato. Taste this cheese. Taste this microbrew. It's delicious. What do you have that's good?' ...We want to throw a better party. We want to have more music, more food, more people."

I'm savoring these optimistic, hope-filled words on this first birthday of my boy Owen Cricket, who at one seems particularly aligned with that "main flow." This morning's air is full of sunlight, humidity and bird song, just like it was one morning ago today when Owen slipped out onto my bedroom floor. (Slipped...yes.)

He's been a joy ever since. Tonight we'll celebrate with local greens, local cider, music and loved ones. In other words, we'll give Cricket a big yes-this-world-is-alright party. The more so for him being in it.