Sunday, February 24, 2013

have mercy

Beautiful cloak of snow here at the tail end of this winter which has actually mollified us into believing all might be right with the world. (Of course we know it isn't, but who doesn't welcome the occasional mollification?)

Amidst this snow we are busy wrapping up our most recent Lunar Phase song for you, entitled "Have Mercy." The thing about this Lunar Phase monthly song thing is that these songs are directly tied to time and place as, say, the writing on a blog is. Real-time memoir through song, which, for the musician (or the writer) is both terrifying and thrilling. We are all restless trespassers here in late February. We are all crazy for grass and cherry blossoms and forsythia or even, call me crazy, mud. And so, "Have Mercy."

This song is born from a month in which every one of us has been sick more than once. We have collectively weathered two fevers, three ear infections, four chest colds, and one stomach flu. The first time we tried to record there was a fever of 104 in the house. The second time the singer (yours truly) was voiceless in bed. The third time, today, we took turns holding the ear-infected baby while the other recorded their part. (Because that Bony Moon is tomorrow, and, well, what are we to do?)

And so that raspy, weathered voice you're going to hear? That's the voice of a very, very tired mother who drank a little too much whiskey last night. Asking for mercy. Asking for sleep. Asking for pain-free nights for her precious children.

Enjoy, you alls. March is right around the bend. Mercy in hand, I have no doubt. So enjoy this Moon of Ice, Moon When Trees Pop, Full Snow Moon, Full Hunger Moon, Trapper's Moon, Budding Moon, Bony Moon, Little Famine Moon.

The light on the snow will no doubt be lovely (no matter how many times we're up to see it).