Sunday, February 10, 2013


To T's chagrin I'm getting all worked up about chickens (and thus) a coop. I'm spending my weekend drawing pictures similar to the one below and recruiting help from my handy Pop, despite the fact that our addition is still a shell without insulation or siding and we should (thus) be reserving all our labor, resources, and requests for help for that not-even-half-finished venture.

But chickens! I want their eggs and I want their shit for my gardens and most of all I want them for my children. I was raised with chickens and I believe it is an important thing for children to a) learn to care for animals, b) have as much contact as possible with the source of their food and c) have to go outside twice a day, no matter the weather, to water, feed and gather. I believe doing so takes us outside of our selves and our heads in radically important ways. So...a coop. Looking somewhat like the one below.

I'll keep you posted.