Wednesday, January 30, 2013


It's officially midwinter here: in the last week we've weathered ten-below nights and ice and snow-covered roads and days without sun and the stomach flu and colds and teething bouts and coughs and the cabin-fevered-cat and cars that won't start and...well, what have you. 

Before I had children I used to worry pretty much incessantly about global warming and the hopeless state of the world. I still worry (in a more acute, personal way), but these children come with the miraculous gifts of hope and joy.  Those words have been diluted by Christmas cards, but the stuff itself is not diluted in eyes of Owen Cricket or the voice of Avah Margaret. It is powerful stuff. Powerful enough to get us through these mid-winter weeks with smiles still on our faces and powerful enough to illuminate my vision of the road ahead. Look at those eyes, radiant with love. How could one not have faith in the human spirit to endure? 

The faces of children are my Bible.