Friday, December 21, 2012


Happy winter solstice, friends. It snowed in the night (at last!) and the cat and I snuck out in the early morning to dust our toes with the stuff and peek both up at the still-dark sky and into the brightly-lit windows of home. Both made us frisky and bright eyed and grateful. It has been a season of making stuff: nightgowns and mittens and house additions and cookies and ginger bread houses and snowflakes and new songs and, if experience tells me anything, it will continue to be a season of making things for the long road ahead. Which is, I think, a wonderful way to spend one's brief time here on earth: with our hearts and hands busy in the creation of things which bring us and others joy and warmth and light and (hopefully) make the world a more enjoyable place to be. May today and the days ahead be filled with love, light and busy hearts and hands for you, too.