Thursday, November 29, 2012

Today's Menu: All the Living

Books books beautiful books! My bedside is bountiful with beautiful books!

And so, today's menu:

Reading: All the Living, by C.E. Morgan.

Drinking: Typhoo, sweet with milk and honey.

Thinking: A beautiful novel that I'm also finding immensely frustrating. I find that lyrical fiction writers often struggle to find a balance between aesthetics and character (or maybe that's my problem, so I'm extra sensitive to it). Morgan errs (to my ear) on the aesthetics side: beautiful (if strange) prose, beautiful landscapes, beautiful details, and characters that are...flat. Damn! I was so hopeful and so wanted them to step into the lovely, textured weft of the fabric with hearts and words that felt genuinely alive.

I welcome your thoughts on this...what writers get the balance just right? Louise Erdrich? Marilynn Robinson? Alistair MacLeod? What books are genuinely beautiful but real feeling at the same time?


Your house-bound, November-bound bookish friend.