Sunday, November 11, 2012

how does one

Today's Menu: Scott Russell Sanders' A Private History of Awe. 

Drinking: Typhoo, Typhoo, and more Tyhpoo

Thinking: I just finished the last pages of this memoir (thank you, Emily Brisse for guiding me there). Memoir, yes, but also a beautiful and quiet and immensely earnest meditation (entwined with a personal narrative) on love and faith and nature and wonder and fatherhood and literature and war and peace and the question my beloved Christianity professor asked us on the last day of class: "How does one live a good life?"

That beloved teacher nearly whispered the words because she was choking back tears. Looking out across at our young faces she continued (still whispering), "You are so young. You have no idea how hard it will be to find the answer to that question."

Which just might have been the most potent and terrifying and educational moment of my four-year education.

Which is why I love every occasion (or book) that leads me back to it. As this one certainly did. And what a thoughtful and humble and mild-mannered man to do the asking, and in such perfectly inscribed sentences. Thank you, Scotty (and Emily, too).