Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Louise Bourgeouis, drawing

Morning dear ones. It's been pretty quiet here in the dream trailer for two reasons:

1. I've had a head cold for five days and a head cold is more than I can handle with two little ones (the laundry hasn't been done either). 

2. I'm doing a little re-visioning of my life these days, trying to figure out some changes that would make me and mine happier. I.e: I want to start bringing a small amount of money into the household, and have a few hours to myself each week to do so. Since I've been unemployed (other than Red Heart) for four years, it's taking much walking (with children and head cold) to try and envision just what that might be. And I'm not fully there yet. It's a bit like trying to decipher the Louise Bourgeois drawing above. Your suggestions and ideas are welcome. 

In other news, it's full blown autumn here: the dirt roads leafy; the wood stove hot; the hillsides russet; the air burning apple; the highways speckled with cars from away.

Come find us if you want to.