Sunday, October 14, 2012


Morning. It's 4 AM and when I wake at this hour I get at least an hour to myself in the dark. Steve Almond signed a book for me yesterday. It said, "Owen Cricket! Go towards the darkness and SHINE!" Which is what we should all be doing. Almond was speaking at our library and Cricket was strapped to my chest, first chirping, then babbling, then sleeping. It's the second reading he's come to with me in the last week and he's my favorite partner in crime. I want to bring my children closer every day. Every day let them further in.

Go towards the darkness and SHINE! It's raining in this morning's early darkness and the house is cold. I pull the covers up around my knees and listen to the rain on the metal roof and Cricket breathing beside me. In a while I'll get up and light a fire in the wood stove. Put some water on for tea. But right now I'm content with this luminous screen and cold dark room and sleeping child tucked against my bare legs under warm down. Every day closer. Every day further in. Every day go towards that darkness and shine, you lovely little soft-heart-beating ones. Hear me? While outside a cold rain drenches the earth and the last leaves fall: shine.