Monday, October 29, 2012


Good morning. Woodbird has been quiet of late for a few good reasons: 1) the day my daughter decided to start sleeping until six, the baby and the new cat decided to start waking at five 2) I've been busy dreaming and scheming and changing my life. Remember that post a month back where I said I wanted to start bringing some money into the household? Well, a few days afterwards we felt, for the first time, an earthquake here in our little house. The dishes on the counter shook and things started...moving. Tectonic plates shifting, slowly. This week I begin a freelance manuscript editing job and have an interview for a part time teaching position.

On other fronts: the big storm is moving in. Rain on the roof, the yard milky with fog and the air disquietingly still. And where is my early-rising family? We bought my daughter a CD player for her fourth birthday, which means she's up in her room listening to one of her favorite Margaret MacArthur records and tidying up with a joyful hustle and bustle. Holy. The cat: she's making a general ruckus. The baby: he's fallen back asleep with T. And me? I'm here for another three minutes or so drinking this milk and honey Typhoo elixir and watching the light come. Oh how I love watching the light come.

Hold tight everyone through this big storm. Lay low. And if it's dark for a while? Savor the candle light and the quiet and the unpredictable and sometimes irascible way the great world spins.