Saturday, August 25, 2012

when the workers come

Good morning. I've been quiet for a few days because here, in our household, we've been busy making this happen:

Or, I should say, “the workers” have been busy making this happen, as Avah endearingly calls them. Which is funny to us all because “the workers” consist of her grandpa, her uncle, her dad, and two close friends. And because we're sure they've all been condescendingly referred to as “the workers” plenty in their lives, we love the way Avah is co-opting the term and filling it with her love and admiration.

And love and admiration there is, from all parties. Having built the other sections of our house entirely ourselves, I am filled with nothing but gratitude when the workers show up and do their thing. And because I have been the daughter of a house-building worker my entire life, and am now married to one, I’ll share with you some secrets of the trade:

The work that workers do is extremely hard work. If you don’t know that, tell them to take a day off and try doing the work yourself. It’s very hard.

Workers do better work if you are grateful for the work they do, and if you express your gratitude, often.  

Your house will be a nicer, more pleasant house to be in if the workers were happy (and felt appreciated) while building it. This is no small thing.

The workers will be happier (and feel more appreciated) if you occasionally make them coffee and sweet things while they are working very hard on your house.

Mistakes give houses character.

Houses are important, but much less important than most other matters of the world. 

Now I'm off to sit on that new deck in the sunshine and dream about the room to be. And feel grateful. Happy (late) morning to you!