Monday, August 20, 2012


5 am and I finally succumb to lights on with wide-awake, smiling Cricket. He coos and kicks and grins and I coo and kick and grin back and then we slip downstairs and make tea, and carry the cup back upstairs and by then Cricket's ready to go back to sleep, and does, and so here I am~ with tea, with you.

One of the advantages of being awoken many times in the night is that you remember your dreams. Last night: my grandmother came back from the dead to record another album. She wore outrageous vintage floral dresses and her arms were covered in vining rose tattoos. The roof of the barn where we recorded was full of holes and water was pouring through. Margaret picked Avah up, also wearing vintage floral dresses, also covered in tattoos, and they danced under that dripping water. I looked at them, my grandmother's white hair cut just like my daughter's blond, both of them laughing, and thought, See, they do like just like one another! Just exactly the same. And then I thought, I'm so glad she came back from the dead so she could dance with Avah. So they could at last know each other, these dancing, singing, whirling dervish twins.