Saturday, May 12, 2012

today's menu


When Women Were Birds, by Terry Tempest Williams

I devoured this lyrical and unabashedly personal meditation on, amongst many other things, the loss of a loved one and finding one's voice.

 Ecology of a Cracker Childhood, by Janisse Ray

Having grown up in a junkyard along U.S. Highway 1, Ray tells how a childhood spent in rural isolation and steeped in religious fundamentalism grew into a passion to save the almost-vanished longleaf pine ecosystem that once covered the South.

 Selected Poems, by Mary Ruefle

One of the most intriguing and original and strangely wonderful minds out there.

 Rough Likeness: Essays, by Lia Purpura

I haven't yet begun this collection of essays by the poet with lovely name, but can't wait to.

Drinking: tea, water, water, tea

Thinking: what's piled up on your bedside table?