Monday, April 9, 2012


You can pretty much track the story of my life through the rooms I live in. At sixteen I built a one-room, uninsulated cabin in the woods near my parents' house. At twenty-five I committed to one love, and we added another one-room, insulated addition without running water or electricity onto the original structure where we would live intermittently between various city-dwellings. At twenty-nine, married and pregnant, we decided to stay here for good. Thus: another 14x16 bump-out, this time including previously lacking water and electricity. And now? Pregnant the second time around, we appear to be breaking soil once again. The last time, we all hope, bringing our "cabin" up to a whopping 1500 square feet. This is not an efficient way to build a house. This is not an easy way to build a house. But, oh, it makes for such interesting nooks, crannies, and corners! Such funky roof-lines. Such mismatched windows. Such a clear wood-and-window narrative of home and life for our children to one-day tell.