Thursday, February 9, 2012

Apple Tree

I just received my first check in the mail for a piece of writing, a whopping $250, which is the most prized paycheck I've yet to receive. In honor of that check and all it entails, I purchased a second-hand camera today from my friend Sarah Lavigne: a Panasonic Lumix which I took for a walk while Avah was at school. I felt like a teenager again, traipsing through mud and sun and snow, camera strung around my neck, desperately trying to capture the way I see the world. Above is a fruit of my labor: a photo of my favorite apple tree. It grows on my grandparents' hillside and is half old-New England variety, half crabapple, which grafted itself (or was grafted?) onto the closer branch. In spring the tree blooms at two different times, and in fall bears two different varieties of fruit. Lately there's been an adolescent beaver prowling around under its riotous branches, seemingly getting drunk off scattered fermented apples.